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Posted by Chris on May 19, 2008 in Wordpress Issues |

Ok remind me never to use yahoo webhosting again. I took on a new client who has their site established with yahoo web hosting. They also have a yahoo store so its better to just keep everything with yahoo for now. I wanted to create a nice new home page and blog features via wordpress. Well to my surpise yahoo installed Wp via the contol panel and all seemed well. I had to created a new directory to put wordpress,but that was ok. I eventually moved it all to the root. Everything seemed to work fine for a day, but then none of the categories or posts/pages were showing up. Grrr…. So it seems there is a permalinks issue. yahoo has their own custom permalinks plugin installed, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly on WP 2.5. Yey what luck.
So I called Yahoo and talked to support. MORONS!! Guy had no clue! I just wanted to get into PHPMYADMIN and he couldn’t tell me what the problem was. I could get to the login screen, but it would just show the site name on the top left and the control panel link on the right. Well turns out that you can’t access this in Firefox! What!! Redic right? So I had to open it in Internet Explorer and then I could access phpmyadmin. You would think support could figure that one out.
Anyways Im still trying to figure out this permalinks issue. Yahoo doesn’t allow a .htaccess file so I’m off to figure out a new solution. I have a feeling Yahoo will have to update their plugin with this new version of WordPress. The default links are working, but I want the SEO url friendly links.

Anyways when I figure this out I will leave an update. What a pain. You would think a huge company like Yahoo could get this right.

Duh! Well I just deactivated the Custom Permalinks Yahoo plugin and all seems to be well now. I actually thought I did that, but I guess not. Just drives me crazy that the first time I called Yahoo tech Support they didn’t have a clue. Anyways I hope if someone is dealing with the same issue they find this post and figure it out.

Drop yahoo and get a Host Gator account.

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  • Jenn says:

    Yahoo! is the most nightmar-ish hosting out there – I’ve used a lot of hosts but Yahoo’s by FAR the worst!

    I recently went to change my main site to WordPress and came across permalinks issues as well… but that was the least of my worries with Yahoo!

    A few years ago they allowed another company to transfer my domain without my consent, then when I called to complain about it the dolts at Yahoo! just kept saying that couldn’t happen – even though it was clear that it did happen. So at this point I had to pay another company for the domain because Yahoo! idiots couldn’t figure out how to transfer the domain back to them – because they have a package deal and no one knew how to get the domain back into the package! So now I have to pay for the domain name somewhere else – AND pay Yahoo! for the domain and the hosting. I would have cancelled long ago only I have several users using Yahoo! mail and they scream every time I try to move it.

    And that’s not the worst… last month one of my main sites for my business (hosted through Yahoo!) went down – I was on the phone with them for two weeks and I got transferred to every department under the sun but no one could tell me what happened. I finally asked for a supervisor and he couldn’t even help (no one there has a clue about anything – not even the supervisors!!!!) Well I finally got one guy on the phone who would tell the truth, he said that the site got hacked into but Yahoo! was too embarassed to admit it and that they wouldn’t turn it back on! At this point I transferred it to HostGator – within an hour HostGator wrote that they found where someone hacked into it, deleted the bad file, and all was well!

    The only sad thing was that I lost a lot of revenue when my site was down and it disappeared from Google for a few weeks.

    Argh – I’ve had other problems as well – if anyone gets anything from this post – NEVER EVER EVER get Yahoo! webhosting!!!!

  • admin says:

    Yeah its ashame how many companies have employees that have no clue and can’t help you. Host gator is def the way to go. Good luck and thanks for the post. I know how crazy it can get!!!!

  • S.E. says:

    Yahoo is the most terrible webhost for wordpress in existence. (not to mention more expensive)Support is awful. They do however have a sitebuilding tool that is very effective from an seo standpoint and is fairly easy to use. I actually taught myself web design on it years ago. The problem was that when I got smarter and realized that host gator was where I needed to be, I discovered that my entire site was not transferrable because it had been built with that “great” tool I mentioned. I was devastated. I have recently made the mistake of giving them another try, hoping that they had improved over the years. I was wrong. Yahoo forces you to install your blog in another directory. They allow you to make your blog the home page, but still your site links are site.com/blog/page etc. I did a manual install of wordpress in my root directory, but still permalinks are screwy. the best i can get to work is index.php/%postname%/ Their so called plugin does nothing to help this. Yahoo should really wise up to the evolution of the internet and make the moves required to save and retain their business. People are using things like dreamweaver less and things like wordpress and joomla more often. Get with it yahoo!!

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