Why does Verizon FIOS Suck?

Posted by Chris on May 8, 2009 in Everday Life |

Argh!!!! Sorry if this comes off as a rant.

After a total of 3 different phone calls 10 different people and over an hour on the phone I’m fired up!

How is it possible to get disconnected and sent to the wrong departments over and over again?

I feel like a broken record. I have had to re-explain myself over and over again only to get disconnected. I was borderline about canceling, but now its done!

They are so sneaky too. Every person I talk to is trying to push there security suite on me. lol. No, please don’t use fear tactics on me to scare me into getting protection that I already have so you can slow my computer up even more.

I dunno is it just me or is service everywhere just sucking. Seems everyday when I call a company, there is nobody who can do their job. It’s either I don’t know or push the blame onto someone else.

Sorry to rant, so in conclusion FIOS as a service for internet and tv hasn’t been bad, just the people who you have to talk too are lacking in any service skills.

Oh… as I rant I remember the last incident. We have a dvr box. I call up about the service where I can stream video from my bedroom tv from the main dvr box we have. “Sir your box needs to be upgraded, please go to the nearest FIOS store and exchange”. Ok fine no problem. I get to the store and what happens? “Sir this box is fine, you just need to call support and have them turn on the feature” What!!! Then they proceed to tell me that this has been happening more then they would like to admit. How hard is it to get people on the same page.

Aghh ok I feel better now. Off to get something to eat after spending over an hour with verizon FIOS!!!!

Anyway I know I can’t be the only one, so if you have dealt with this whacky-ness please leave a comment about it!


  • tim says:

    YEAH THEY SUCK!!! My pings are worse than dial up, yes that’s how bad. I can download at 1000000billion terabytes/sec so what but my ping is about 1200ms to the server down the block it SUCKS

  • Cody says:

    I no they suck i cant even play my video games on it cuz it has no aux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude says:

    I agree. They super suck

  • Online TV says:

    I also had a bad experience with Verizon in setting up an internet connection (verizon fios) where I missed two days of work. The technician was supposed to come to my house but never showed up. I called verizon to cancel – they told me they would send me a bill which includes a termination fee and I told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine. I missed two days of work without pay and never had my verizon fios account activated. Verizon SUCKS!

  • Jonathan Marashlian says:

    Verizon FIOS customer service is an absolute joke. The company is completely unregulated and argues that regulations aren’t necessary because the competitive marketplace for Cable TV services is sufficient to enforce the company to have decent customer service. But Verizon’s argument fails if for the simple reason it competes with the cable industry!! An industry with an equally horrible reputation for customers service. Well, if Verizon FIOS’ customer service is being policed by competition, then I guess Verizon FIOS is doing everything it can to match the Cable industry’s lackluster reputation.

    I’ve had FIOS for about 3 years. Love the service, but if there’s a problem — WATCH OUT!!! Better grab a bottle of Xanax, a tall drink, and make sure you take the day off of work. Why? Because you’ll need patience… lots of patience… and you’ll need time… lots of time. Don’t have any loaded weapons b/c after the 3rd of 4th or 5th time you repeat your problem to a different “department, ” you’ll want to blow your brains out. That, or put a hole in your flat screen TV with the blank void staring at you.

    Mind you, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced a problem with FIOS over the past few years. I actually say prayers at night hoping not to have any technical, billing or other issues with FIOS because I dread making that call.

    Here’s a recap of my most recent experience earlier this evening…

    Come home from work at 5:30 to a blank screen with the following announcement —


    So I make the call.

    After going over my telephone number, name, rank serial number, mother’s maiden name, and showing them a picture of the mole on my ass to confirm my identity because I had the misfortune of NOT also having a “Verizon Telephone Number” on my account (yes, I of the audacity to choose a competitive telephone provider over Verizon), I finally get ahold of someone who can access my account.

    VZ: What’s the problem sir??

    ME: Well, I don’t know, you tell me. My TV tells me to call this number.

    VZ: It looks like your account is suspended.

    ME: Really? How did that happen? I’m on auto-pay and the payment has been deducted every month for 3 years, without fail.

    VZ: I can’t say, sir. I’ll have to transfer you to the billing department. We don’t handle billing issues.

    ME: Ok. Can you transfer me to a human being account rep [cue on hold music] resentative!!!

    … ON HOLD MUSIC CONTINUES FOR THE NEXT 25 MINUTES… good, gives me time to eat dinner as I sit in front of my blank TV screen.

    Enter Billing Department representative.

    VZ: Sir, can you provide the Verizon Telephone Number associated with your account…

    Oh God, here we go again… 10 minutes later and I’ve once again provided the rep with a picture of the mole… finally, my account information is up in front of her… finally, I can get this issue resolved and get TV service restored… finally…

    VZ: Sorry, sir, yes this is the Billing Department, but we don’t handle payments… that’s another department… and I’m sorry to say that the payments department is only open from 8AM to 6PM and it’s now 6:30 PM, you’ll have to call back in the morning to have your service restored.

    ME: Wait, you mean there’s nothing I can do to identify the cause of the suspension this evening? Possibly have you restore my service??

    VZ: No sir, even if we could, service wouldn’t be restored until tomorrow during normal business hours.

    ME: Well… thanks for wasting the past hour on the phone with me… had you bunch of idiots provided me with the right damn phone number from the get go, I would have been in touch with someoene during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS!!!

    And mind you, this is not a rare occurance. I’d say I’ve had to contact Verizon around a dozen times in 3 years. Each time the service experience gets worse and worse and worse. And no matter how many times I call, it takes 10 minutes and all the personal information in the world for them to even access my account information… and that’s 10 minutes every damn time I’m transferred to one of Verizon’s infamous “Other Departments.”

    How many Departments does Verizon have??? It has as many Departments as are necessary to make sure 90% of the complaining customers who call them get so fed up being transferred to a different Department they simply give up!!

    Please… FCC… Virginia Corporation Commission… Attorney General… someone… please help!!!

  • El-Vee says:

    Verizon support is the worst. I have 20 MB download speed and a couple of days ago my speed dropped to around 9MB and FIOS on demand was unwatchable since the image was all pixellated due to the slow speed. I called Verizon support and was on hold for 2.5 hours and nobody ever answered the call. I could have driven from my house to Boston and back which is about a 100 mile round trip and I would have still been on hold. The staff is clueless about problems in the area and if you do succeed in reaching them, they will insist it’s a problem on your computer, not their end. I like the FIOS TV service but the support is the worst I’ve ever encountered. I really dread ever having to call them because I know it will be a futile experience in the end. Not to mention the incredibly annoying voice prompted phone menus that you have to navigate through to even try to get to a live person.

  • jennifer says:

    you are absolutely right no exaggerations. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorst customer service in history. i hate verizon now i feel like puking when i see that logo

  • CW says:

    Funny…I just read your complaint Jonathan that you posted on 12/9/2009 and it is pretty much spot on to what I’ve dealt with this week with Verizon and it’s been a year since your post. Nothing has changed…..these guys are rediculous!! I had people transfer me to phone numbers that were disconnected (and their a phone company) and had people just transfer me in the middle of our conversation to somebody else which meant I had to go through the whole song and dance again with a new person. If one of these Telco’s would get a clue and actually focus on true customer service then they would give everyone who has had a frustrating process with Verizon, and all others, a place to buy their TV, phone, and Internet from. That would eventually give them 100% marketshare because everyone is going to deal with this cr^p at some point and when you’re at the point of frustration you’re low hanging fruit for a company that offers the opposite of Verizon’s customer experience hell.

  • John Spencer says:

    I was a happy Verizon FIOS TV and internet customer for the first 5 months of 2010. While we were on vacation during that period I had my service placed on vacation suspension and attempted about June 12, 2010, to resume normal service. Unfortunately, I was to learn about 22 phone calls later, the Verizon rep ordered additional movie service BEFORE he unsuspended my account from vacation hold. This seemingly trivial error resulted in PERMANENT suspension of my TV account that to this day remains suspended.

    Between June 12 and June 22 I made (quite honestly) more than 34 phone calls trying to resolve this issue. I was transferred between Fiber Solutions, Customer Service, and Financial Services repeatedly, as well as being disconnected frequently, during this impasse, with each of these entities claiming only one of the others could resolve my problem. On call No. 22, Steve from Fiber Solutions took a great deal of time and determined the source of the problem (ordering the movies for a suspended account). He advised that only a change to the FIOS management software could resolve the issue and that he had initiated such an effort. Steve could provide no timeframe for making the fix. On phone call No. 32 Mr. King advised he had initiated a “DCAN” A094227984.’’ About June 24, I surrendered, canceled all my FIOS services and returned all the FIOS equipment.
    The saga continues, however. Each month I continue to receive an invoice for FIOS services I do not receive. I am insulted to learn Verizon is charging me for premature canceling of my service. Each month I call Verizon Customer (Dis)Service and am assured the matter is resolved, my balance will be made zero and I will receive no more invoices.

    Yet, alas, I continue to receive them. On December 27, I received a phone call from Verizon advising my FIOS services would be terminated for non-payment. I have complained in writing to Verizon customer service, Verizon CEO (Ivan Seidenberg) and Virginia Dept of Consumer Affairs.

    January 2011, I have received another invoice for a total of $101 of NEW charges for services not received. There is apparently no way out of this hell!

  • david says:

    they really sucks.. Never again

  • I called to ask about the fios and just asked questions on the phone .I specifically told them not to go any further unless i called them this did not happen. Fios took it on them selves to call PA-1. Then they layed out a path for the fiber line through my yard it whent through my dog fence two lamp post power lines and a under ground down spout. I called and told them not to install anything Fios said that everything was canceled.This was not true I came home the next day and they installed the fiber line on top of all my utilitys and cut or shorted out my phome line. So I called again and had a verry hard time finding a person to talk to. Two days later someone finaly came out to repair the phone line. I still have had no contact with anyone from Verizon about this isue. This is a Disgrace for such a large company

  • Nicole says:

    I NEVER make comments on these blogs but I feel compelled to tell people how awful Verizon Fios is. I am not picky when it comes to big companies. I don’t need hand holding, I get that there’s a ton of people who work for big corporations — many of which may not care that much about whether or not I’m happy with my cable service provider. I get that. All that I expect is that I get what I’m paying for and anything extra is cherries on the sundae. Do not use this company for this service. Don’t do it. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Any person you talk to is not the “right” person, you get transferred to different departments in different states, nothing gets done, no one shows up when they are supposed to, the list goes on and on. I just want my freaking T.V. to work. That’s it. I will pay you american dollars to make my T.V. work and you are Verizon. Apparently, this is too tall of an order for this company. Save yourself the headache and go with an alternative company that cares just a tiny, tiny bit about doing what it is they are supposed to do. Their website even froze on me and they provide an “internet service”. So sad.

  • Nick says:

    Was trying to establsih FIOS availablity in my area. Their website could not even find
    any of the real physical addresses I typed in. Then I called their “Business Office”, and was told by some disrespectful punk that the web site was “designed” on purpose this way, so thjat people would call them. Scum! Do not know if I can trust this punk, but if that is the case – I do not want to deal with Verizon ever. Surely will not go for their wireless service anymore. Worst plans and customer support I have ever experienced.

  • tom says:

    I don’t know why people trust a telephone company to be cable providers, boggles my mind, fios internet sucks for online gaming, and anybody else in a computer, well u might as well use the public library ,switched back to Comcast , night and day…. I think a lot of people wanted to (1 up ) their neighbors but should realize its a huge step down, with worsesupport/tech know how . NEVER AGAIN FIOS …. 100% FIBER … Bs hits the house and goes through cable, glad I’m back with a real cable provider, not just fancy commercials.

  • Furious Girl says:

    I have never written an online review and really don’t have time to write a detailed review as I spent three full hours with multiple verizon fios service reps. and haven’t resolved my concerns. They not only charged me on services that I didn’t request or agree upon, worse yet, they made me feel stupid even trying to explain things to them. In fact, it is safe to say that their CS is the worse among all kinds of CS that I have contacted (not just internet services). I can’t agree with most people here: Verizon Fios Customer Service is HORRENDOUS! Stay away from Verizon Fios if you don’t want to repeat my mistake…

  • Stew says:

    Here was I sitting here thinking that I must be just a terrible customer and they don’t want to deal with me.

    In the past 2 years that I have been a customer I have had persisting problems with their multi room DVR.

    The key reasons I switched to them was that when I decided that the Time Warner Cable internet was terrible and during the evening I was lucky to get dial up speed. The other reason was that I would be able to access the Fios M/Room DVR from my iPhone and iPad so that when I am out on the road I could delete recordings that I knew I would not watch and cancel recordings that I definitely would not worry about wanting to catch up on.

    Over the past 2 years the DVR has crashed so many times that I have lost count, decided it would not communicate with the system.

    The first two people I spoke to about the problem could not get things working, in fact the first said to give it a few days that it takes that much time to reconnect to the network after a crash, the second advised having all the COAX replaced in the house with new cable and getting the splitters all replaced.

    I paid for someone to come in and replace the coax, they said that I was wasting money that it’s moer likely to be the box and that if it was the cabling then the internet would have problems as well and on demand would not work either. I had the cable replaced all the same.

    Nothing changed, and then a few days later it started communicating and the app’s started working again. Intermittently for the next 8 months it would stop communicating again, I described it as being a pissed off angry wife DVR.

    Well it was December 23rd, I had received a verizon email pushing their security package, I opened it, read it and thought, yeah right, not paying even more for services that I was already paying for.

    Suddenly on some of the websites that I visit regularly pages would refuse to load and the browser kept saying that the pages were timing out. I phoned one of the companies and they said to contact Verizon, that the issue was appearing only with Verizon customers.

    I contact Verizon and after two hours and much running around with someone that didn’t speak enough english to make a full sentence I demand to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor understood that if I could access the website through my 3G service on my iPad and iPhone but not when connected on WiFi through Fios or directly on my PC’s then there was a problem with them.

    They agreed to send someone out to check whether there was an issue with my router and that he would be there the following day.

    At 12.30 I get the phone call from the tech. to say he was on his way, his voice sounded slurred but I put it down to him being in transit. He arrived, mounted a 9 inch high kerb. Parked with one wheel on and three wheels off. Then as I watched it looked like he fell out of the cargo van. He went to the rear of the vehicle.

    You know the cones they put on the traffic side of the vehicle to make passing vehicles drive a little more further out away from their vehicles. He located those in the middle of my Front Yard and then staggered(stumbled, crawled) up the path, I open the front door and I am knocked back by the stench, a combination of stale body odor, alcohol and what smelt like stale urine. The first words I hear is “another dumb white”. He walks into the house, doesn’t offer id, goes straight to the PC that was located in the office just off the front door and in full view and sits his butt down and starts messing around.

    I start to explain what the problems were, the ones with the DVR and the one with the internet, he turned and said “I am not interested in what you have to say?”

    I looked at a friend visiting and all I could say was, “Are you drunk?”, he reply was “if you are going to harass me I am going to leave!”. I was absolutely livid and by this time I was going to ask him to leave, and I replied “if you are going to leave then go, now!”, He looked with his mouth open and I repeated “Go on, get out of my house, I’m, calling the Police.”

    I’ve never seen anyone move so fast, my friend watched him almost kill himself trying to pack the stuff up and then he went out to try and get the plate from the vehicle, but he was in that much of a hurry he was gone.

    I tried to phone Verizon but could not get through, no answer and the police said that without a license plate they couldn’t do anything unless he was stopped by chance.

    Interesting enough, a few minutes later I got a text from Verizon saying that I wasn’t home and that the tech had missed me.

    I ended up having to reinstall windows, all my software and data. Whatever he had done in the few minutes he had been messing with the PC it had completely stopped working. Though as soon as windows was reinstalled the problem with the internet disappeared. It also coincided with not installed that verizon in-home agent CD was not reinstalled. So I didn’t contact them back.

    Now being on autopay and paperless billing I don’t think about the bill, it just gets charged to my credit card and I pay the card each month and don’t think about what has been charged. Then I get an email December 2011 saying that I owed 2 months and that my credit rating was at risk. I go onto the website and it says, MAKE NO PAYMENT YOU ARE ON AUTOPAY, or words to that effect, I was worried so I paid the outstanding amount anyway. Two months later I get the same again. I phone customer service and talk to a billing rep. She was nice and I said that I had been having a lot of problems with the DVR, etc and basically I told her that I was sick of the quality of service and that getting threatening emails when you have autopay set to avoid such issues and that the DVR issues are like icing on a cake. She fixed the fault, they had lost my credit card information (blamed me for it and said the card had expired – I said, “hardly, it doesn’t expire for over 12 months”) and then said that she had a special number for when the DVR crashed.

    The number was for one of those chat services that charge a premium rate.

    This epic still hasn’t finished, the DVR problems continue and still aren’t resolved, I post a comment on their discussion boards and one of the Verizon people escelate it, I fill out the form and then the tech people kill the problem and delete the posting, like it never happened.

    I am so sick and tired of Poor customers service!

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