Registry Easy 5.1 – Scam? Awesome? Read Below…

Posted by Chris on June 19, 2009 in Registry Cleaners |

Aghhhh Help My Computer Is Running so slow….

Ok so I have a pretty nice laptop. Its a Gateway FX and it runs great most of the time.
I am constantly doing a million things at once, running 20 windows in firefox, photoshop is open, running a mail client handling 5 different email accounts, connect to my servers etc..

The last week or 2 it was having a few hiccups, taking awhile to boot, just freezing here and there. So began my journey for a real deal registry cleaning program. Registry Easy 5.1 kept popping up over and over as I did my research. I read some decent reviews so I said screw it. I decided to download it and register it for $34.95 plus it came with 3 licenses so I could put it on my laptop and my home computer and the wifey’s laptop if it works hehe. When it comes to my laptop running smooth and me not having the urge to launch it out the window $34 is nothing!

Ok so here goes my review of Registry Easy 5.1. By the way I’m running Vista Business 64 bit.

Download was easy and install went fine. Once you run it you will see the window below.

There are a lot of really nice options that this program offers, but for sake of time and simpleness I just went with the 1 Click Maintenance. Click the scan now Button, but just make sure that nothing else is running on your computer to get the most out of it. It may actually tell you to close certain programs if they are open.

Ok so its gonna do its thing and run the scan. I have 244gigs on my C drive and it took less then 5 minutes to scan.
Here is what I saw after the scan. Dang 1798 problems and 4037 items lol. I am constantly installing programs to test them out and uninstalling them, so there is always a little junk left behind. Registry Easy definitely found them.

You want to hit repair after this. It will ask you to make a backup of your registry. Do it!! If anything should go wrong you want a backup of the registry to fall back on. So this is a must.
If you haven’t registered the product you may see a window like this below. This means you haven’t paid up yet lol. Click ok to go and register the product if you haven’t already.

Ok so after it runs the repair which took less then 5 minutes as well you will see a window like below. You can scroll through and see all the junk it removed. Look below to read the rest of my review.

Ok so all in all I gotta say I was a bit skeptical. I have downloaded many programs before and they have either had spyware on them or just made the computer even slower. Registry Easy 5.1 was a breeze to install and the 1 Click maintenance made using it cake! My computer is running way smoother now. It really is amazing how just cleaning up a bit of junk can really get things moving again. I support a place with about 25 user PC’s and I am going to implement this on all of them next week. Those computers have 5 different users on them though out the day some I am curious to see how Registry Easy will get them running smoothly again.

Oh also as I had said earlier Registry Cleaner does a handful of other things too. There is an optimize your system section, system fix, even a feature to help with internet explorer. Try out the Tweak Memory in the Optimize System section its really great! Takes a second and my cpu usage and memory got cut too half!

Anyways if you have any questions or need help just leave a comment below and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

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  • ryan says:

    yes, i just got the 5. version and scanned, but as soon as i scan again, it finds tthe same “errors”

  • admin says:

    I ran this on my mothers computer and had to run it 3 times to get rid of everything. It runs great now. are you saying it kept finding the same exact errors or just more errors?

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