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Posted by Chris on July 6, 2009 in Iphone Issues |

Well if you have read my blog before then you will know that I have an Iphone and that I love it!
I am currently running 3g, but got a chance to play with my uncles 3GS this weekend and I was pretty stoked about it! I really want the video feature bad! So cool! Anyway… Onto what this post is supposed to be about.

So typically when people get together and start messing with their iphones and showing their apps the same conversation comes up. All about the iphone apps. Man I should have though of that!! Wow I had that idea!! Dude that guy made that app and made $100,000 in a day! Insane!! So of course we started thinking of different app ideas and seeing if they were taken and of course many of them were, but… we eventually came up with something kinda cool. “I can’t mention it just yet, hehe”

Ok so we got the idea, but up comes the next hurdle. Who the heck knows how to build one of these?
Not me, nor anyone else I know. So now its like do you hire someone? Will they steal the idea? Who knows. This lead me to search for some software that can help build an iphone app.

Low and behold I find MY APP BUILDER First thing I see is that they want $29 a month for the service, but hey I mean if you have to hire someone it will be hundreds and you have the chance to make a mint if your app is hot! The cool thing is that they will let you create as many apps as you want for the $29 a month, but I suggest focusing on that first one!!

Ok so you can take ebooks, audio, and video and turn them into an app which is right up our alley cause this is sort of the thing we wanted to do with our app.

Is there a learning curve? Yes, but if you have an iphone then you can do this!!

All I can say is give it a shot.

Click here to learn more about all the types of iphone applications you can create with My App Builder!


  • Joel Beasley says:

    This is actually pretty interesting, very cool. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you for the review and info. I hope i can submit
    mine own apps soon – without sweat.

  • Dennis says:

    Yeah i saw this site to… there are a few of them out there now.. but this one doesn’t even have contact info for the site and or company to answer questions someone might have.. so why on earth would i shell out even $29 for even a first month trial with out knowing any more details.. the site does not answer all the questions someone might have… sounds like a rip off fake site. i maybe wrong. but i cant even get an email, # to contact or even a questions submit form. lameeeeeee!!!! bad business from my point of view…

  • Frank Varel says:

    This app works very well. We had an ebook that we used in our company and my one boss had an idea for an app. We put out a few submissions for jobs and the cheapest offer was $1500 to develop this app. I did it in a day with my app builder and I saved our company $$$ which my boss loves. So glad I found it. You may not be able to create the next big video game with it, but it is great for simple things which are usually the best sellers!!!

  • admin says:

    Hey Chris sorry you had issues with them. As for contacting them try here http://myappbuilder.com/blog/contact-us

    Let me know about the double charge as they shouldn’t happen either, i’m sure you will get refunded and taken care of.

    we are still putting the finishing touches on our app and have to say the process has been pretty darn easy.

  • david gekko says:

    If I hire a company to develop an iPhone app, do I own the app?

    I have heard that if I do not have a iPhone application developer license, which I do not, then I cannot own the app.

    any feedback will be appreciated

  • White Chocolate says:

    David, I looked on the terms and conditions and myappbuilder makes it very clear therein that you retain full ownership and rights to the app.

    That being said, I share Dennis’ concerns about the fact that there is no contact info. I tried to ask a question with the contact us button there was something wrong with the page and it would not submit.

    Could you please tell me who are some of their competitors?



  • DD says:

    SwebsApps and AppBreeder.

    Entrepreneur magazine listed these two app companies along with myappbuilder in their Feb 2010 issue.

  • admin says:

    If you still are wondering if its legit check out the site. They have now created over 500+ apps. Not bad if you ask me. Still working on a new one, can’t wait to get it done life will be a bit easier lol.

  • Rik says:

    Hi, is this thread still alive?
    thanks for your informative review.
    I tried sending an email through the contact form on their blog,
    but it seemed to crash, so thought I’d try again here.
    I noticed that they have different categories of apps for ebook, audiobooks,
    and video–
    I’d like to build an app that includes all three: text, audio, and video–
    do you know if you can use all three in the same app?
    I see that myappbuilder takes 30% for paid apps–can we also make free apps,
    or free apps using admob ads? If so, do you know what percentage they take
    from ad revenue?
    Also, they say they’ve built over 500 apps, but they don’t list them
    on their website–is there another site that where we can see them?
    can we see the ones you’ve built?
    thanks a bunch!

  • paull grey says:

    Re App builder.

    My experience has not been great. I was sceptical given the paucity of working apps shown on the website – they claim 500+ but no details.

    I joined – the website has no help files – no tutorial – no info what so ever I can find.

    I uploaded a few files to start but the support is non existent making this unusable.

    I cant even see how you could progress if yoy had a high standard of technical knowledge.

  • dp says:

    Ugh, HORRIBLE COMPANY! I submitted an app (of course I had to shell out $29 first)
    After 3 emails just to get them to acknowledge my submission, I was told that they
    would have to build it as a ‘custom app’ for $880! I politely declined, and asked
    for my $29 back. I waited…nothing. Sent another email with the same request…nothing.
    I sent a third email (my 6th in total), now in a stern tone, threatening to contact
    my credit card company, PayPal and the FTC, not to mention that I would post the story on
    forums to warn others. For those of you thinking about using My App Builder, do what I did,
    find one of the many sites online where you can hire freelance developers who
    compete with others to win your proposal…your money is held in escrow until both parties
    agree on the contract. I got someone to build my app for slightly less than $300 this way! Again…STAY AWAY from My App Builder!

  • Truthis says:

    My app builder is a scam. Be ware…

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