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I get asked a lot about my reviews. I try to really use a product before I do a review about it though. I have been emailed a dozen times about Backlink Banzai. It is a really great system and I suggest you check it out. I didn’t have time for a review so check out this one. It is really spot on and explains a lot about how it works.  This Backlink Banzai Review was originally posted here http://anyoneusing.com/backlink-banzai-review


This review of Backlink Banzai from AnyoneUsing.com

I have been using Backlink Banzai for just over a month now and I am liking it so far. Straight to the point I have seen an increase in traffic. I started using this on a site that I have not touched in months! It is a highly competitive niche as well. Credit Reports! Stay tuned to this review as I will leave more in the future and let you know how the site does. Before I started I was getting maybe 1 or 2 visits a day. I know very low lol, but now I am doing about 15 a day on average. Now for a site I have not touched or done much with and just used Backlink Banzai that is pretty good. I actually ordered another account, and will most likely be adding a few more very soon.

So How Does Backlink Banzai Work?

First off it is only $67 a month which for what it does is dirt cheap! Basically you get 20 slots to fill for the month. You get 1,000 content links to spread out over those 20 slots. That is the beauty of this and what I am using it for. I am able to take care of all my internal page linkbuilding in one place with Banzai! What else is cool is that they also build 1,000 blog comment links and 1,000 profile links back to content links they built for you so this is a tiered system building backlinks to your back links.

Like I said this is great because it really puts your link building on auto pilot.

How many sites can you promote?

That is the other great thing you can use a slot for any site you like. My first account is dedicated to the Credit Report site and my second account is actually spread out over 4 sites so 5 slots for each site which spreads it out nice and is a nice supplement to my other strategies.

It seems that every morning is when they take action because this is typically when I get ping backs to my site and see that the links are actually being built. The other cool thing is that they are built into uniquely written posts and they use what they call Naturalisation which helps to avoid keyword over optimization which is pretty neat. They give you the option of adjusting 1/3rd (33%), half (50%) or 2/3rds (67%) of your anchor terms. To better understand Ill just use the examples Backlink Banzai gives. “So as an example, if you choose the recommended ‘Replace 2/3rds (67%)’ option, you get…
1/3rd (33%) of anchors using your selection of exact-match keywords, as entered by you in our members area:
i.e. Weight Loss|Rapid Weight Loss|Fast Weight Loss
Then the 2/3rds (67%) of ‘adjusted’ anchors… Which are…
1/3rd (33%) of your anchors using ‘phrase-match’ keywords, (by adding extensions to the exact matches):
i.e Considering Weight Loss|Rapid Weight Loss Examined|Investigating Fast Weight Loss
1/6th (16%) of anchors using root domain URLs:
i.e. weightloss.com (Not the full URL – just the root domain URL.)
1/6th (16%) of anchors using generic terms:
i.e. Click here|Try these out|Check this site out (from many hundreds of variations we have.)”

It really is a sweet system.

How am I using Backlink Banzai?

Basically I am using it a few ways. I am spreading out links to internal pages on my sites and I am using it to build up backlinks to other web2.0 pages I have. So I have a few quality hub pages, ezines, etc… as well as posts on a few of my other sites that link to my promoted site. I used BB to spread links out and build them up as well.


For $67 a month this is a hands off no brainer! Your getting quality links from quality content. Also the owner is very smart and careful which reflects on his network.


  • Mike says:

    With all the recent updates are your sites still holding rank? I’m curious as so many blog networks have been wiped out. What’s so different about BB? I read an article about not throwing too many links, and varying the links bigtime. Has BB stayed up with all the recent changes?

  • admin says:

    Hey Mike, yeah BB has some great info and they always have updates with industry news and best practices. I use it strictly for diversification and have decent success. The biggest thign I think is going in and changing up your internal links every month or so. Dont just live one link up for months.

    In the recent months I have realized I need to go back to what I did from the start. Make a good site that has great content people need. The rest will flow from there.

  • Mike says:

    Do you point BB links to your money sites?

  • admin says:

    Originally I was but now only to my backlinks. Trying to only get authority type links straight to money site. They work the best anyway.

  • Mike says:

    So like 2nd teir 2.0 sites then right?

  • admin says:

    Yeah exactly but good web 2.0 not something I just created. I Have some really good
    web 2.0 accounts like on hubpages, articlesbase etc… that have been around for a few years.
    I use all unique content on them. I use a mix of BB and then some social bookmarks, likes etc.. when I can. Has been working pretty well lately.

  • Mike says:

    You say…

    “Yeah but good web 2.0 not something I just created”.

    What do you mean?

    I have recently created some hub, squidoo, wordpress, blogger and I think even tumblr pages, but not done any linking yet.

  • admin says:

    Oh hey sorry I did not see this. I meant make sure the web20 you create has
    unique content and is not spun. Make sure it has been indexed for a few days
    as well. Right? Would it look natural to get tons of links to a page that was
    just published and not indexed? Exactly. I have been running SocialAdr to all my pages
    that I create. It works great. Check out a review of it here http://anyoneusing.com/socialadr-review
    They have a free account to, but that review offers one free promotion so take
    em up on it. Hit me up with any other questions.

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