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Posted by Chris on August 7, 2008 in Iphone Issues |

Setting up Iphone 3g on exchange server.

Wow so I finally got an iphone! They are so nice. I went ahead and purchased the 16gb one because thats all they had available at the apple store. So I spent about 3 minutes trying to set this thing up on my exchange server. I had all the correct info in, but I still get getting exchange account validation failed! What gives. I have used other phones to connect via active sync. We use OWA “outlook web access” and that works fine. All the correct ports are open on our server. Well here’s what it was. I kept getting to the point where it said exchange account validation failed, and then I would start over. Duh!! What I needed to do was hit next and save the new account. I then needed to go into setttings then mail settings and go into the account I just set up. The problem was the SSL. We don’t have SSL so the iphone kept looking for that and thats why it failed. As soon as I turned the ssl option off, bamm I got my email. I’m still messing around with this thing, and hope to update this with any more little tricks.
Hope this helps someone out there!

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  • Cam says:

    Thanks for that, did it and got exchange working perfectly. That was sunday morning. I couldn’t sync sunday arvo and now it’s tuesday lunch and I still get the “The connection the the server failed” error. I have deleted the account twice and added it agin but to no avail.
    Any help with this constant non connection?

  • admin says:

    Are you using the ip address? At one point i had the url name and it wouldnt work so I through in the server ip and that seems to work everytime.

  • Tony says:

    I am having the problem where it is saying “the Connection to the server failed”. I have tried:
    1. Set the “mail days to sync” to no limit. Didnt work.
    2. deleted the account. Didnt work.
    3. change the server from mail.domain.com to the actual ip address. Didnt work.

    I am running exchange SP2 do not have an ssl certif. It works for a little while and gets a few e-mails then I get this error. Not sure what else to try.

  • admin says:

    Did you make sure and set the SSL to off? Let me know im interested to see if you have a solution. oh also when you get the error message do you happen to be on a wireless network that the exchange server is connected too? I noticed when I was in my office and hooked up to the wifi my email wouldn’t work because the ip address setting I had couldn’t get to the outside ip from the inside of the network. Follow?

  • Tony says:

    I tried it with both SSL on and off. (we dont have ssl for the exchange server).

    I tried it both on ATT 3g network and got the error. and on 2 different wifi networks. one that is internal to our firewall and one that is external to our firewall and same error.

    I had talked to an ATT manager at a store and he said that it might have been because the iphone’s data plan was on the personal plan and not business and it would still get the error on a wifi network (dont know if i believe that) but it would be a good way for ATT to get some extra money.

  • Tony says:

    I think I found an answer to my problem. It ended up being the local exchange certificate that had expired. Once I renewed it on the server since I didnt have SSL it worked perfectly for me. You would think Apple would have a better error message than cannot connect for every error that can happen.

    Thanks Apple…

  • Qato says:

    Finally, finally got my first gen iphone to work properly with exchange for work email. I’ve tried most of the other solutions suggested by all these forum threads trying to address this issue. Hopefully, this will help some of you who have been frustrated by your iphone’s inability to access work email! No server adjustments required!

    My iphone exchange situation: calendar exchange worked, could send emails and see all my inbox folders but received “failed to connect to server” message when retrieving emails.
    I have many folders in my email exchange inbox and many rules setup (e.g. if email from John Doe comes in move to John Doe folder).

    First, I deleted my exchange account on the iphone so I could start from scratch. Then in Outlook, I had to move all emails from my inbox folder to another folder. I guess this somehow clears the pipes for the iphone/exchange communication to work.
    Second, I recreated the exchange account on the iphone. Calendar sync worked like before. I sent a test email to myself using Outlook. Miraculously, the iphone retrieved it! In my previous 50 or so attempts this never worked.
    But then I noticed when I tried to go into one of the folders where a rule was applied (e.g. move email to this folder if sent from John Doe) it would not retrieve email and I got the usual annoying “failed to connect to server” error message. I suspect you need to remove all rules created before setting up your iphone exchange account and then recreate the rules. So far, this has worked.

    My co-workers (with 1st gen and 3g iphones) have applied these same steps with positive results. Hope this helps some of you who can’t easily adjust your company’s exchange server settings or can’t get the IT folks to do it because they don’t officially support the iphone. Enjoy!

  • Fred says:

    helped me!

    seems like Apple should change that initial setup process to include the option to turn on/off SSL…


  • Valik says:

    Thanks guys it works perfectly

  • Salih says:

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much. Solved my problem.

  • ken says:

    Bro, you saved my life!

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  • Christina says:

    You are a life saver I could kiss you..Thank you soooo much!

  • tks_TN says:

    Thanks !!! Saved me !!! working on this for like 3 hours !!!!

  • Ian says:

    I have tried everything on here but still nothing.
    Running SBS 2003 with exchange 2003 SSL is not enabled.
    iphone will accept settings i.e connect to account however will not retrieve or send mail.
    I’m getting the Cannot Get ail The connection to the server failed message
    I have also tried emptying my inbox however this still does not work.
    Anyone on here have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • brian says:

    I have remote email access to my work email we use MS Office Outlook web
    access. I was able to get this to work on my blackberry very easily.
    But I cannot get it to work on my new iphone 4. Any help would be great.

  • Mike says:

    I assume the same applies for I-pads??
    How do I renew the exchange certificate?

  • stacey says:

    Try caps on the first two letters of your email address

    example: JDoe@mail.com

    make sure SSL is off

    If letters are involved in the server name use all caps

    example ABC2.ABC.ORG

    applying these steps worked for me.

  • simbha says:


    I have Exchange server 2003, my oma is working fine with no issue. i have configured
    with same setting on iphone. i could receive mails but could not send mails
    My external owa is with ssl and its working fine i could send and receive mail
    But when i configure in my phone i cannot send mail.

    Earlier i was using blackberry i no that we can send mail by using BES software
    or BIS but i have no idea on iphone. if some one could give some idea that will
    be greater

    Thank you
    In advance

  • Tom C says:

    Not sure if anyone still checks this thread but here goes. I am trying to get my mail from work exchange server. I have two account to check. One works great (calendar, send/receive all work). But on the other account it says server failed. Tried deleting working account and even changing info to he nonworking account but no luck. Any ideas why 1account will work but not the other.

  • Kristen says:

    Hi I am trying to set up my email on my iphone. My university uses OWA as well. Im completely iphone illiterate so what do i put in for the server and how do i put it in?

  • Zorica says:

    I had enough of it. I tried all +(if helps) my friend changed the
    port in advanced option to 143 and she did it.
    We did exactly the same way! I turned SSL off as well. I receive the emails only if my outlook is closed, it want download my current emails, want send emails.
    As soon as I open
    outlook and clock send/receive my iphone inbox gets cleared.
    Fed up with this. Good luck with it.

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