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Dog Warts - Canine Papilloma Virus. Get Rid of My Dogs Warts

Dog Warts

Dog Warts
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Why Surgery Does Not Work!

You have to understand that this is an immune issue. So by surgically removing the warts you are not giving the dog's body a chance to build an immunity to the virus. In most cases removal only causes the warts to come back. Strengthen the immune system and say goodbye to the dog warts!      



If you read my blog you know I cover topics from iphone exchange server set ups to installing plugins on your wordpress blog. I find great value in writing about my daily issues so that others can benefit from them. There is nothing better then searching the web and finding someone who has not only the same issue, but an actual real SOLID answer for it! Today I wanted to talk about something my dog got from doggie day camp. Canine Papilloma Virus also know as Dog Warts. Yuck I know it sounds gross. As an animal lover it killed me that I couldn’t find that much info about dog warts and the vet said to just let it run its course.

Ugh I couldn’t just sit around and wait so I did some research. It’s almost like chicken pox, but for dogs. The main thing I kept reading over and over again was that you need to keep the immune system strong. In order to do that the dog has to be active and be on some supplements. Well my dog is definitely active, but we just give him regular dog food.      


I found a product called Dog Wart Support and it has worked wonders. It comes in a bundle with a daily vitamin as well as DMG Support which strengthens the immune system, making the dog stronger to fight the virus! Voila! Took about a week after he took the Dog Wart Support and the warts started shrinking and then the outside of them started falling off and after that it was like a few days and they were gone.

I figured I would make this post since I know how it sucks to just have to sit back and wait for something to happen so I wanted to be proactive. Our dog also seems to have more of a bounce in his step so I will continue to keep him on the dog wart support.

Hope this helps someone out there and they can kick the Canine Papilloma Virus’ butt. Check out http://dogwartsupport.com/ to learn more!