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Posted by Chris on April 25, 2011 in Everday Life |

Bull Smoke provides smokers with an innovative and truly unique cigarette which is ideal for that perfect nicotine fix whenever you need it. With this cigarette you will be able to replace the cartridge whenever it gets low, selecting the right nicotine level and flavor that corresponds with your own personal preferences. When you are going about replacing the cartridges, all you will have to do is disassemble the mouthpiece, put it in, and put the mouthpiece back on. There is an atomizer built into each cartridge so that they always stay fresh and give you the best taste possible, unlike many other inferior electronic cigarettes that are on the market today.

  • Another benefit of having a Bull Smoke cigarette is that they look almost exactly like the real thing. When you pick one up and use it, you will hardly be able to tell the difference. Those who look at you while you are smoking one of these will also not be able to tell the difference, so that is definitely another advantage of having one of these. The fact that you will be able to control how much nicotine is in each cigarette you smoke is definitely one of the benefits and it is something that every smoker will enjoy. Whether you like a lot of nicotine or just a little bit in your cigarettes, you will be in complete control.
  • There is also an LED light at the end of each of these cigarettes to simulate the end of a traditional one. The light is so faint and weak that is will look almost exactly like a real cigarette, so you will not have to worry about people noticing that it is electronic instead of a regular tobacco-filled cigarette. With these cigarettes you will not have to pay a ridiculous amount like you do for traditional ones and you will still be able to get the same satisfying feeling that you would with Marlboros, Newports, or any other type of traditional cigarette.
  • After using the Bull Smoke cigarette, I find myself increasingly addicted to using it and no longer crave regular cigarettes. There are certainly a lot of advantages to using this type of electronic cigarette over all the others, including the fact that its unique and powerful filter promoted cleanliness and health, even though you are smoking. A lot of the things that most smokers don’t like is all the chemicals that are going into their bodies when they smoke, but with these you will certainly not have to worry about that at all.
  • I definitely like the fact that with Bull Smoke cigarettes the vaporizing technology that is implemented here is highly sophisticated and always me to enjoy the occasional smoke without feeling guilty about putting a lot of bad stuff into my body which can have an adverse effect on the lungs. When you use one of these cigarettes, you will be able to satisfy your nicotine craving without getting all of the other bad stuff into your body.

As far as the appearance of this cigarette goes, it has the same overall weight, color, and design as a real traditional cigarette, so it blends in perfectly when you are with other smokers out in public. Those who are concerned about appearances while using this cigarette will definitely not have to worry. These electronic cigarettes are designed to look and function like the real thing, so you will get the best of both worlds. When it comes to smoking you really cannot do any better than what Bull Smoke has to offer, which is a the perfect solution for all smokers.

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