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Posted by Chris on May 13, 2010 in Monetizing Your Website |
authority labs review


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Have you ever used keyword ranking software before? I have and I have even created my own. Well I didn’t create, but I had it created for me. The problems I have had with either paid services or my own system is the lack of support. The search engines are always changing and companies need to change with them. My own system worked great in the beginning, but needed constant tweaks to keep it running right. That just wasn’t working for me!

Step in Authority Labs Website Ranking Reports. I was at the http://searchsocialsummit.com/ last week and it was a great experience. That is also where I met Chase, the owner of Authority Labs. He showed me what his system can too and I signed up right there to give it a shot! I am now an affiliate for the product because it works so well. It is not often you actually get to meet and hang out as well as put a few beers back with someone who has developed the system you are using.

The other great thing about Authority Labs is the support they offer. When you sign up they actually put you on a path to learn how to use the system. You will get emails on how to get started and keep going. I can’t count how many times I have signed up for a service and just not stuck with it because it was too hard to learn or stick with. Authority labs keeps you going by holding your hand a bit and getting you up and running.

They have a few different pricing options to choose from. Check out the 30 day free trial it will give you a nice taste of the service. Click Here

I won’t sit here and walk through every selling point they have. I will let their site do that for you. They also have a sweet video demo of the product. The main thing I really wanted to emphasize here is the support and the passion that goes into their product. If you need to talk to an actual human being you can! You will get a response if you have an issue. In fact there was a hiccup with the system the other day which is expected with any system, but it is the way a company handles those hiccups is what really sets them apart. Chase and his crew were able to take care of business and get everything back on track and keep us customers happy.

If you have been looking for a new website ranking report system to try out give Authority Labs a shot



  • Jan says:

    I agree! The one thing I loved about signing up to authority labs was the follow up emailsthat helped get me going. Half the battle of any system is figuring out how to use it and they made it real easy. Give it a shot, you can use it for free!!

  • Kevin says:

    Support is by far the best! you are kept in the loop about everything and you can actually speak with a human if you have an issue.
    New things coming out all the time. kudos to Chase

  • Casey says:

    The accuracy and reporting were very poor. Authority Labs shows you a nice demo that they obviously manually tweak to make perfect so it looks good. When you sign up, your reports are TERRIBLE. Half the time they don’t even track SERPS at all; you are left with a bunch of holes in your report. I went for days with NO SERP reporting. Good luck showing that to a client! And, of course, no refunds. You pay for services never rendered.


  • RankFool says:

    Hey just checking in. Been using auth labs for almost 2 years. Sure there can be hiccups but search engines are always changing. Authority labs changes with them and that is what I love about this service. Thanks guys!!

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